Microcontroller programming has been made simpler than ever before. AVR/8051 PROGRAMMER is very powerful yet Low cost and comfortable tool for any developer. Programmer gives the user a friendly environment with USB communication and easy GUI.

Features 1234

  1. Operating System : Windows Xp ,Windows 7, Windows Vista ,Windows 8.0,Windows 8.1 Operating System
  2. USB powered: No external supply is required.
  3. On Board 10-Pin FRC Socket: Designed to connect Programmer to target AVR and 8051 development boards
  4. On Board 6-Pin Burg Strip: Designed to connect programmer to Bread boards.
  5. 40 Pin ZIF Socket: Supports Direct Programming for 40-Pin Microcontrollers
  6. Software: Supports ProgISP & Khazama V1.6.2* software to burn .Hex file into the Target Microcontrollers
  7. Programming Speed:About 2 -10 Seconds
  8. Supports following series of AVR and 8051 Microcontrollers :

Supports Series of Micrcontrollers


 User Manual : Download AVR/8051 USB Programmer’s User Manual ,showing the step by step procedure for Installing the Windows USBaspDriver and showing the procedure  to burn the “.HEX File into Target Microcontroller using  “ProgISP” Software”

  1. Download: Windows-Xp User Manual
  2. Download: Windows-7 User Manual 
  3. Download: Windows-8 User Manual 
  4. Download: Windows-8.1 User Manual 

USBasp Drivers : 

  1. Download: Windows-Xp USBasp Drivers
  2. Download: Windows- 7 USBasp Drivers
  3. Download: Windows-Vista USBasp Drivers
  4. Download: Windows-8 USBasp Drivers

Software :

  1. Download  ProgISP V1.1 or ProgISP V1.2  Software to dump you .HEX File into the Target Microcontroller (Supports Both AVR and 8051 Microcontrollers).
  2. Download Khazama AVR V1.6.2 Software to dump you .HEX File into the Target Microcontroller (Supports only AVR Microcontrollers).

*Note: Latest version of Khazama Software (Khazama AVR  v1.7) does not supports this Programmer

  • Pandurang Wadje

    Hello Sir I have windows 10 on my PC. How should i install justexecuteit. can u please provide me drivers for windows 10???

    • http://www.JustExecutet.com/ Admin

      Hi Pandurang Wadje,

      You can use windows 8.1 Drivers and follow the procedure as shown in windows 8.1 user manual. Steps are more or less same.For any further clarification please contact us below number.

      Best Regards
      MS Siddiqui
      98855 38328