As you can see in this photo, the guy hooked up some wires to some Bananas to a circuit board and make a Banana Piano, while the whole thing is hooked up to a MacBook Air with custom software, it’s pretty brilliant I’d say.

It all started when two MIT students named Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum came up with a brillian idea to turn an electricity circuit into “child’s play”. Seriously, and here they explain their mission with MaKey MaKey:

It’s something that we believe that everyone is inventive, imaginative, and creative. We also believe that every single person can make the future change and also change the world in the process. So we decided to dedicate our lives to making easy-to-use invention kit’s.

This invention is so sweet that I can picture it myself being used in schools and also homes all over the globe. Honestly I’d play for it for like 20 minutes then I’d get bored but, check the video out to see for yourself and see if you would want one too for yourself:

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