Today I’ll introduce you with a new mind blowing gadget, GOQii (Pronounced as Go-Key)


Name – GOQii, a Fitness Band

Founder – Vishal Gondal

Startup – Indian

Company based – California

Office – Mumbai and Shenzhen.

Hardware designed – California & Mumbai

Software designed – Mumbai

Manufacturing – China

Pricing – Rs 5,999 & 9,999 Half Yearly/Annually Plans

It collects your health and activity data which in turn is used by a personal coach to offer customized advice via real time chats or scheduled audio / video calls. The calls can be for durations between 15 minutes to an hour and you can ask the any of the above questions.

Vishal Gondal – Intro

He is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor, known for Indiagames. Former M D of Disney UTV Digital, Founder of Indiagames, a global computer games developer and publisher. Rediff called him “India’s king of Gaming.”

GOQii – Idea

Gondal got the idea of the fitness band after using many fitness accessories and giving up on them one after the other. He always found himself taking this data from the devices to his personal trainer who would then offer him a customized solution. So, he made a device which connects both and this is what GoQii actually is, a fitness tracking solution coupled with human coaches.

GOQii is a new personal fitness tracker all about helping the user makes permanent, positive lifestyle changes

What does GOQii offer?


GOQii Band is a water-resistant fitness tracker which has features like full touch display, a vibrating alarm and automatic wireless syncing via Bluetooth LE. It also has a watch and a motion sensor which can track steps, calories, distance and active time. The company says GOQii coaches will also have the ability to remotely vibrate the band to motivate users.


GOQii Coach, a team of people selected from various areas of fitness, sports, nutrition and behavioral science who have apparently been trained to analyze the data generated by the tracker and recommend changes to users for a better lifestyle. These coaches will be available on-demand through a mobile app and pre-scheduled monthly video or audio calls.

GOQii Experts which is a group of health, fitness and habit experts who will help users make sense of the data and also train coaches on motivation, nutrition, fitness and habit development techniques. The team includes Dr. Shriram Nene, Dr. Kendra Markle and Luke Coutinho. This solutions is currently being offered on a subscription basis to select early users in India (around 1,000 users) and is priced at Rs 5,999 (6 months plan) and Rs 9,999 (12 months plan). Going forward, it plans to roll out the solution to United States, United Kingdom, UAE and Singapore in a phased manner.


GOQii Karma: What’s interesting here is, instead of a traditional leaderboard provided by fitness trackers like Fitbit, GOQii offers a platform called GOQii Karma which enables users to support social causes by converting the points (Karma points) they have earned into donations towards social causes of their interest. The company claims to have developed a network of donors and recipient non-profit organizations who convert Karma points to actual monetary donations. It is also partnering with Oxfam India which works with grassroots NGOs to address poverty and injustice causes in India.

The GoQii app allows users to select their cause. A marketplace of donors selects how much they want to donate for which cause. Every karma point you earn goes towards the cause you select, in turn, a donor donates an amount to the cause


Pricing and competition

As of now, the company is offering subscription for GOQii, which includes all elements of its ecosystem (including band, experts, coach and karma) for 6 and 12 months. Released in beta in India for a few early users, the plans are available for a price of Rs 5,999 and Rs 9,999 for the half-yearly and yearly packages, with deliveries starting as soon as April 2014.

Going forward, the company also plans to roll out its product in countries like the US, the UK, UAE and Singapore.

In terms of competition, a number of companies offer similar fitness products that include Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit Flex, and Jawbone Up. However, the human connection being offered by GOQii could end up working in favour of the company, since many users of similar products complain of losing interest in the devices over time.


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