Finally! Mobile printing is really here! A printer that goes where you go & prints from your phone on any size page! The future is now!

 Everything today has gone mobile. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops we can leave our office while staying fully connected by doing work on the go. Well, almost…

There is one device that got left behind and seemed to miss the “mobile revolution train”-The Printer.

You can see students, lawyers or entrepreneurs working efficiently outside of their homes of offices but then suddenly struggling to find a place to print. Our vision is to change that. We have created a mobile printer that is easy and fun to use, can be taken anywhere, prints from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it!) onto any sized page.

Print machines now-a-days are essentially a printhead running left and right on a moving piece of paper. We asked ourselves, why not get rid of the entire device, just put the printhead on a set of small wheels and let it run across a piece of paper. By doing so, we allow the printer to really be as little as possible.

Our printer is entirely fitted for our day to day life. It has a rechargeable battery with an on\off switch, it connects directly to smartphones and to PCs, and it allows the user to print on any size piece of paper.

The printer is activated by sliding a hatch at the bottom of the printer which will reveal the inkjet. The USB connection for battery charging is also located on the bottom of the device. The inkjet lasts for over 1,000 printed pages and the battery lasts for over one hour per full-charge. The first version will print in grayscale.

Our printer is based on an omni-wheel system that allows it to accurately turn and drive in any direction. The printer was designed in a comprehensible manner in order to help the user place the printer properly at the top of the page and guarantee an accurate outcome. This version of the printer does not include stabilizing sensors.

The printer comes in 2 colors- Mars black and Titanium white and will be made out of Polycarbonate.

Physical dimensions and weight: 10 centimeters high and 11.5 centimeters in diameter and will weigh about 300g.

Materials: cover made from Polycarbonate

Media sizes: any standard size.

Print Speed: 1.2 ppm (estimated according to the prototype specs).

Print Quality: currently the prototype can reach up to 96×192 dpi, the final product will have higher resolution.

Ink Cartridge Configuration: one black cartridge.

Connectivity Technology: Wireless.

Interface: Bluetooth, Bluetooth BPP.

Connections: 1 x Micro Usb.

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer.

Run Time (Up to): 1 hour.

Charge Time: 3 hours.

Supported Os:Android, IOS, Linux, OSX, Windows.

We started this project at our college, the Jerusalem College of Technology, in the Friedberg Entrepreneurship Program. Students of the program were instructed to come up with an idea and a sustainable business plan. After going through the rigorous acceptance process, we got accepted and were given capital, usage of the college’s facilities, and guidance from the professors in order to start turning our dream into reality. We first built a proof of concept, then a minimal-functional prototype and are now working on designing the actual complete prototype. We decided that it’s time for us to turn to the public and ask for your help with financing in order for us to finalize the DFM and start the production of this cool and useful product.

Word has spread about our printer and the feedback we’ve been getting is amazing! We would like to thank everybody for their overwhelmingly positive response and different cooperation offers we’ve received from tech giants, accelerators, product development companies and investors.

One of the offers was from Microsoft to come and present at their prestigious innovation event in Israel- ThinkNext. The event took place on April 7th, and was an incredible success. The response we received at the conference was more than amazing. We are super motivated thanks to the great response and vibe we’ve gotten from everyone who’s seen the project.

Dr. Harry Shum Executive Vice President Technology and Research, Microsoft loving the ZUtA Pocket PrinterDr. Harry Shum Executive Vice President Technology and Research, Microsoft loving the ZUtA Pocket Printer

Once we will finish the campaign we will be sure to leverage the best of our resources, offers, and opportunities in order to deliver the best product to our potential customers.

We are a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who care about design and usability, and know that there is a better way to print things on the go. The team is piloted by Matan Caspi and Tuvia Elbaum, who studied business and technology in the Jerusalem College of Technology. Yonni Stein is our kickass designer (elite design academy Bezalel), Leon Rosengarten and Gilad Schnurmacher (Hadassah College and JCT, accordingly) are the crazy engineers with profound skills and experience in robotics and Jack Gottesman is leading our Social media and marketing efforts. Hillel Fuld (marketing expert and startup adviser) and Yitzi Kempinski (CEO of Umoove Ltd.) have been advising us with the business and user experience aspects. We’ve also been privileged to have a great mentor as Reuven Ulmansky, a known Israeli Angel investor, to start us off, and advise us throughout the inception for the first few months.

The team got together to add some innovation to the printing industry. Being students, we worked on our laptops in different places, libraries, classrooms, café’s, trains and out in the sunshine. We were able to do so because we had everything we needed with us on our phone or laptop. Yet, we always found ourselves struggling to find a place to print once the work was done.

When we looked into buying a portable or mobile printer, it was hard to believe that in 2014 (well, 2013 at the time) there was no real mobile printer out there- and that’s when we knew we were on to something…

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